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February 9, 2009 Meeting Minutes

February 9, 2009

Draft Document – Subject to Commission Approval

The regular meeting was called to order by Chairman Hayes at 7:01 p.m. in Room N4 at the East Windsor High School, 76 S. Main Street, East Windsor, CT.
PRESENT:    Chairman Hayes, Commissioners Raber, Szymanski and Waltiere;
                        Park Director Green; and Mary Lou Morell from the Park

ABSENT:      Commissioner Simpkins and Groundsman Tetro.
GUESTS:       None


        A quorum was established as four commission members were present.




        MOTION:    To APPROVE minutes of the December 8, 2008 Regular
                        Meeting as amended.

                Szymanski moved/Raber seconded/VOTE:    In Favor:
                Hayes, Raber and Szymanski.      Abstained:   Waltiere

        MOTION:     To APPROVED minutes of the January 12, 2009 Regular
                        Meeting as amended.

                Waltiere moved/ Szymanski seconded/VOTE:    In Favor:
                Hayes, Szymanski and Waltiere.    Abstained:   Raber

        MOTION:     To TABLE minutes of the January 26, 2009 Special

                Waltiere moved/Szymanski seconded/VOTE:    In Favor:

Town of East Windsor
Parks & Recreation Commission                           2
Regular Meeting – February 9, 2009




a.      BMX Skate Park

Chairman Hayes reported that the group is planning fundraisers such as a Mohegan bus trip and selling Braided Bread items.

b.      Dog Owners Park

The group will be holding a charitable wolf demonstration as a fundraiser event.

The fencing company for this project has lowered it price from approximately $21,000 to $15,000 due to price decreases.  The Commission asked if the price is for the same gauge of fencing as previously quoted.  This company suggests that the posts for the fencing be installed in the spring when the ground thaws and post signage seeking donations for the Dog Park.  

The Commission raised questions whether the posts would create any maintenance and liability issues and would they hinder the future development of the site with the posts in place?

The fencing company is also willing to store any purchased materials if the group purchases materials piece-meal.

The Dog Owners Park group is asking whether they need to have all the money in hand prior to any work at the site.  The Commission stated no work is to be done on the project until the funds have been raised.   

c.      Boundless Playground

No discussion this evening.


a.      Youth Sports Leagues

Mike Fiaschetti, representing the East Windsor Little League Association, addressed the commission.  He is completing the school use forms for permission
Town of East Windsor
Parks & Recreation Commission                           3
Regular Meeting – February 9, 2009

NEW BUSINESS/a)  Youth Sports Leagues   (continued):

to use fields at the schools.   He questioned whether Parks and Recreation had a similar form for their fields at the parks.   As Parks and Recreation does not require usage forms for Youth Sports Leagues, Director Green suggested he submit his field use request in the form of a chart indicating locations, dates and fields required.   The chart can then be updated throughout the season with specific information as to actual days and times for field use.  As the Parks and Recreation groundsman will be assigned to the Public Works Department, lead time is critical to get fields prepared as needed.  Director Green stated it is important to get as much information in advance of opening day.

Mr. Fiaschetti anticipates that T-ball will be held at the Broad Brook Elementary School and the juniors may have two teams which could be scheduled at the East Windsor Middle School or the High School on the JV field.

It was suggested that the field use chart be emailed to Director Green and also posted on the League’s web site.

Mr. Fiaschetti informed the Commission that Mike Maloney will be finishing the announcer’s booth and power will be connected.  The Commission stated any work needs to be coordinated with Director Green of the Parks and Recreation Office who will then advise Groundsman Tetro.

The certificate of insurance requested by Parks and Recreation will not be available until the 2009 charter documentation has been submitted to the Little League organization.

Brian Turley, representing East Windsor Youth Soccer, then addressed the Commission stating that Diane LeMay emailed the soccer schedule for play time from April to October, 2009.  Brian questioned whether the Abbe Road Soccer Complex will be available for play in the spring.  Director Green stated there should be no issues, weather permitting, and she will again establish a soccer playing field at the East Windsor Park.  Mr. Turley stated he was pleased to hear that as the league is considering a spring travel soccer team which could then play at the Park.  

Mr. Turley stated the soccer organization does not use the Snack Bar at Osborn Field but mentioned that the PTO has used it in the past in the fall.  He questioned the procedure to schedule use of the Snack Bar and was informed by Director Green that scheduling is done through the Parks and Recreation Office and if the cooking facilities were to be utilized a QFO (Qualified Food Operator) must be available on the property to meet the North Central Health District food preparation requirements.  Director Green will inform both the Little League and Soccer organizations of the QFO training schedule.

Town of East Windsor
Parks & Recreation Commission                           4
Regular Meeting – February 9, 2009

NEW BUSINESS   (continued):

b.      Field Use Fees

Director Green received information on other Town’s field use fees through the Connecticut Recreation and Parks Association.   She found that the norm for field use fees range from $50 to $75, most have stricter resident requirements than East Windsor and it is up to departments to accept or deny usage.

Director Green stated that a resident policy should be set for East Windsor as to ratio of town residents to qualify as a resident team with different rates for non-resident teams.  Rentable fields in East Windsor are at East Windsor Park, Abbe Road Soccer Complex and Warehouse Point Park.  The Commission discussed each of these points.

MOTION:      To SET resident team field use fee at $50 per use with a
                       non-resident team rate at $75 per use.  A Resident team is
                         defined as having 50% or more resident participation.
                        Raber moved/Waltiere seconded/VOTE:   In Favor:

c.      2009 Year Book Advertisement

               Director Green was approached by Mrs. Malin of the East Windsor High School
              to place an advertisement in the Year Book to thank and recognize the nine
               graduating seniors who have worked for the Parks and Recreation Department.    
                   The Commission agreed with the request and left the appropriate wording of the
               advertisement to the discretion of the Parks Director.

d.      On-Line Transaction Program

                Director Green met with representatives of the Webster Bank and the Town
                    Treasurer to discuss the Payment Link system established by the Bank which
                    allows for on-line registration and payment from a checking account, however
                    not with a credit card. This is possible through the Town’s usage of the Virtual
                    Town Hall program.   The user establishes a household account number for their
                     exclusive use, each Parks and Recreation program will be assigned a number and
                     the user clicks on the appropriate program which will display the program
                     details.   There is a $.50 consumer usage fee that goes to Webster Bank with no
                    additional cost to the Town or Parks and Recreation for use of this program.  
                     The program is accessible 7 days a week/ 24 hours a day and transactions clear
                     within 2-3 business days.  This program will add service to town’s people.

Town of East Windsor
Parks & Recreation Commission                           5
Regular Meeting – February 9, 2009

NEW BUSINESS/d)  On-Line Transation Program   (continued):

                 The Town of Old Lyme will be operational this spring and Director Green would
                 like to participate starting in May.   Director Green stated that to purchase a
                     recreational software package would cost approximately $6,000-$10,000 not
                     including updates, credit car machine, credit card user fees, etc.  

                 Commissioner Szymanski questioned how long the $.50 use fee would exist and
                 is it a come-on fee that will increase in the near future.   Director Green will
                     clarify the terms of the user fee with Webster Bank.

                 Commission Waltiere stated that the consumer has a choice to use the program,
                 use the town drop-boxes, mail-in registration or come in person to the office to
                    register for programs.  

        MOTION:      To USE Webster Bank’s electronic funds transfer
                                 system for recreation programs.

                        Waltiere moved/Raber seconded/VOTE:   In Favor:
        e.    Financial Accounts Review

The Budget by Department for the month of January was distributed and discussed.  

f.     2009-2010 Budget Ratification and Approval

               Director Green distributed a proposed 2009-2010 Budget which moved several
         line items     associated with the Parks and Recreation Groundsman and grounds expenses as these items will become part of the Public Works Budget in anticipation of the shift of the groundsman to the Public Works Department.   These items are salary, overtime, longevity, vehicle maintenance, grounds equipment and gas and oil.  

        The revised Department Budget has been reduced from $234,639 to $214,937 as a result of these changes.

               MOTION:      To PRESENT the revised 2009-2010 Budget to the
                                Board of Selectmen.

                Raber moved/Waltiere seconded/VOTE:   In Favor:
Town of East Windsor
Parks & Recreation Commission                           6
Regular Meeting – February 9, 2009

NEW BUSINESS  (continued):

g.      Park Director’s Report

Director Green reported that she has researched the cost for wrist bands to be used
during the summer season at East Windsor Park.  Cost for 500 tyvek bands is $18/box for 19 boxes or less.   Three colors would be needed; one for Pavilion patrons, season pass holders and daily admission guests.   The Commission agreed
this would be beneficial for employees at the Park.

Director Green stated she met with a representative from Congressman Larson’s office regarding “Shovel Ready Fiscal 2009 “ projects.  She submitted information for consideration the following projects:

                Boundless Playground
                Heart Trail
                Handicapped Accessible Fishing Area on Scantic River

The projects likely to be funded are those of streets, roads, bridges and dams.

Director Green stated she was working with Len Norton regarding the batten boards for the dam at Broad Brook Pond and on street scapes for sidewalks along
Main Street and Depot Street in Broad Brook to promote walk to school day and healthy exercise.

Director Green informed the Commission that the department is enjoying their new office location.  The office is in need of a fax machine as the only available
use is in the front office of the High School.  A door bell has been installed on the exterior door of the building and she has received the code and keys to the school alarm system to allow her access to building on off hours.  The drop boxes are being used by the public which should help with enrollment.  There is also an exterior box outside the office door that is available 7 days a week/ 24 hours.

Director Green reported that letters have been sent to prior summer staff inquiring as to their return for 2009.  The deadline for reply is February 23, 2009.  She is taking applications now for summer positions and will interview all applicants.  

Leagues/Abbe Road Soccer Complex/Broad Brook Pond Park/ East Windsor (Reservoir) Park/Pierce Memorial Park (Windsorville)/Prospect Hill Park (Warehouse Point)/Warehouse Point (Osborn Field) Park:

No discussion this evening.

Town of East Windsor
Parks & Recreation Commission                           7
Regular Meeting – February 9, 2009

NEW BUSINESS  (continued):

h.    Groundsman’s Report

No report this evening.






The bills were reviewed and signed by Commissioners Waltiere and Raber.


        MOTION:   To ADJOURN this meeting at 8:00 p.m.

                          Waltiere moved/Szymanski seconded/VOTE:  In Favor:

Respectfully submitted, __________________________________
                           Mary Lou Morell
   Recording Secretary