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December 8, 2008 Approved Minutes

December 8, 2008


The regular meeting was called to order by Chairman Hayes at 7:04 p.m. in the Meeting Room at the East Windsor Town Hall, 11 Rye Street, Broad Brook, CT.
PRESENT:    Chairman Hayes, Commissioners Szymanski and Raber; Park Director Green,
Groundsman Tetro, First Selectman Menard, Selectman Simmons, Public Works Director Norton, Shared Services Chairman Marie DeSousa and Mary Lou Morell from the Park Office.

ABSENT:      Commissioners Simpkins and Waltiere.
GUESTS:       None


        A quorum was established as three commission members were present.




        MOTION:    To APPROVE the Minutes of the Regular Meeting of
October 14, 2008 as amended.

Szymanski moved/Raber seconded/VOTE:   In Favor:  Unanimous.




a.      BMX Skate Park

It was reported that approximately $1,000 was raised at the dinner held at the Knights of Columbus hall.  

Town of East Windsor
Parks & Recreation Commission                           2
Regular Meeting – December 8, 2008

OLD BUSINESS  (continued):

b.      Dog Owners Park

Director Green reported that a donation of $500 was received from USA Hauling for this project.  The group would like to establish a matching grant program and will be contacting Rockville Bank and another business for this purpose.  

c.      Boundless Playground

Director Green reported that permission was granted from Boundless Playground to accept the alternative site of the Town Hall Annex for the playground.  Director Green will contact neighbors in the area for an informal meeting to get input from them prior to going forward on this project.   Director Green stated she has been attending “Boundless Playground School” and will be meeting with that organization after the first of the year.

a.      First Selectman Menard

(i)   Park Office Relocation:    First Selectman Menard informed the Commission of her desire to move the Parks and Recreation Office from the Town Hall to the office presently occupied by the Treasurer’s Office at the East Windsor High School.  First Selectman Menard has met with Director Green, School Superintendant Howes, Shared Services and the Treasurer’s staff in regard to this intention.  The Parks and Recreation Department will gain a larger space, a storage area and will be accessible to the public.

Program registration drop boxes will be at all schools; the Town Hall; and the Town Hall Annex if appropriate with daily messenger service to the Parks and Recreation Office.  

There will be no buzzer system, signage will direct the public to the Parks and Recreation Office to the side of the school building as they are not to enter the front door of the school.

We are working on an entry system to the Parks and Recreation Office, which is at the north side of the school building, as the public is not to enter the front door of the school.  Signage will direct the public to the office door location.    

Town of East Windsor
Parks & Recreation Commission                           3
Regular Meeting – December 8, 2008

NEW BUSINESS/a) (i) Park Office Relocation  (continued):

It is anticipated that this move will not take place until after the first of the year.

Commissioner Szymanski addressed concerns about the target population of the Department being primarily from the Broad Brook Elementary School and the East Windsor Middle School.  The present location of the office is most
accessible to parents being right across from the Broad Brook School.  Director Green stated she would be accessible by phone, email, and could visit the schools as needed.  She expressed the need to purchase a Recreation software program that would allow for on-line program registration to include a payment feature either by debit card or credit card.  

First Selectman Menard stated that a satellite office for the summer could possible be arranged so that she would be closer to East Windsor Park where the majority of summer programming takes place.  Director Green felt there was no need for a separate satellite office if she had a lap top as she could use the desk in the Snack Bar at East Windsor Park.  This arrangement would allow her to better promote Park with her presence.  Director Green felt she could be stationed at the Park in the summer two to three days a week with two days at the Office.  Director Green also stated the need for a copier in the new office.

        MOTION:      To APPROVE proposal as presented by First Selectman
Menard to move the Parks and Recreation Office from the Town Hall to the East Windsor High School Treasurer’s Office.

                            Szymanski moved/Raber seconded/VOTE:  In Favor:

(ii)  Grounds Maintainer Position:   First Selectman Menard has explored the opportunities for shared services within the Town. It is her desire to place all facilities maintainers and parks maintainer under one umbrella of the Public Works Director Norton.  Director Green will request Director Norton to secure tasks by the Park Maintainer.  The advantages would include access to additional help for projects/tasks, improve coordination of snow removal operations, reduce over time and allow Director Green to focus on programming.  The parks will be maintained as they are presently.

Groundsman Tetro expressed concern over the summer 7 day-a-week commitment and the hiring and supervising of summer employees.  First Selectman Menard stated that the system will not change at present.  The reason for the change is to have one umbrella for maintenance functions.

Town of East Windsor
Parks & Recreation Commission                           4
Regular Meeting – December 8, 2008

NEW BUSINESS/a) (ii) Grounds Maintainer Position  (continued):

Groundsman Tetro inquired as to whether he would be required to plow snow in the winter.  Director Norton stated that may be a possibility.

Chairman Hayes asked if Parks and Recreation would need to wait in line for service as playing fields needs to be maintained and lined within a short time frame.  Commissioner Szymanski expressed concern not to loose the knowledge that Keith maintains regarding the scope of his work.

Director Green expressed the need to get services as and when needed and asked for assurance there will be help to get the demands of the day accomplished.  

First Selectman Menard stated the intent is to maintain the present level of service.  

First Selectman Menard stated that Groundsman Tetro must join the union as he should have been in the union all along.  Commissioner Raber questioned how the union would treat his seniority and length of service.  First Selectman Menard stated that would have to be addressed.

The groundsman’s salary would be pulled from the Parks and Recreation Department budget but seasonal part-time salaries would remain with the Parks and Recreation Department.

Shared Services Chairman, Marie DeSousa stated the intent is to accomplish the providing of service in a less costly manner and getting the additional help so Groundsman Tetro would not have to work alone.

Other concerns expressed was where the supplies and equipment line items in the Parks and Recreation budget stand and the need to close the gate at East Windsor Park on summer evenings at 10:00 p.m. while the men’s softball league is in session.  First Selectman Menard and Director Norton acknowledged that there are details that need to be worked out.

        MOTION:      To APPROVE proposal as presented by First Selectman
Menard to go forward with the combining of the Parks Maintainer position with the Public Works Department.

                        Szymanski moved/Raber seconded.

Discussion:     It was agreed that the following issues need to be worked out:
1.      That Groundsman Tetro’s knowledge is not lost
2.      Director Green’s coordination is not lost
3.      Assurances that the level of service needed will be maintained
4.      Seniority issue as it relates to Groundsman Tetro
Town of East Windsor
Parks & Recreation Commission                           5
Regular Meeting – December 8, 2008

NEW BUSINESS/a) (ii) Grounds Maintainer Position  (continued):

                        VOTE:   In Favor:  Unanimous


NEW BUSINESS (continued):

Commissioner Raber recommended going forward when issues of this nature are discussed that all members of the Commission be present at the meeting.

b.      2009 Meeting Dates

A schedule of meeting dates for 2009 was handed out.  As the Parks and Recreation Office will be moving to the East Windsor High School location, the first meeting of January 12, 2009 will be held in the Meeting Room at the Town Hall and all subsequent meetings will be held in the relocated Parks and Recreation Office at the East Windsor High School.

MOTION:      To APPROVE the 2009 Meeting Dates as presented with
                       locations identified.

                        Szymanski moved/Raber seconded/VOTE:   In Favor:

c.      Financial Accounts Review

The Budget by Department for the months of October and November were distributed and discussed.

d.      2009-2010 CIP

No discussion this evening.

e.      2009 – 2010 Budget      

Director Green stated that money from the State will most like not be forthcoming and the budget is to be submitted as a bear bare minimum budget, a status quo budget (0% increase) and an ideal budget.  

Director Green will have worksheets available at the next meeting and it was decided to schedule a separate meeting for the budget preparation if necessary.
Town of East Windsor
Parks & Recreation Commission                           6
Regular Meeting – December 8, 2008

NEW BUSINESS (continued):

f.   Park Director’s Report:

Director Green reported that the winter brochure of programs has been distributed.  A gift card program has been created to give a gift amount toward future programs.   The gift card can not be used for East Windsor Park season pass, swim lessons or Department trips.

Movie tickets are back and available for use at any Showcase, Multiplex or
Omniplex theater.  Cost is $7.75.

Upcoming program include:
                Holiday House Lighting Contest
                Carol Sing
                Santa Calls
                Open Skating at Twin Rinks in Enfield
                Red Cross Babysitting Course

Director Green reported that the Summer Camp programs netted a profit of $6,645 which will be used a start up funds for next year.

Director Green stated she is positive about the move of the Parks and Recreation Office as it will allow her to interact with a group we presently don’t interact with re:  high schoolers; may allow for an intern for office assistance; provide a job shadow experience for someone interested in pursuing the field of Parks and Recreation and promote the drop box opportunity for the public.

Leagues/Abbe Road Soccer Complex/Broad Brook Pond Park/ East Windsor (Reservoir) Park/Pierce Memorial Park (Windsorville)/Prospect Hill Park (Warehouse Point)/Warehouse Point (Osborn Field) Park:

No discussion this evening.

g.   Groundsman’s Report

Groundsman Tetro reported that all the Parks are done and winterized for the season.  The ice skating rink at Warehouse Point Park is up and filled.  Just waiting for the water to freeze to begin ice skating.

Leagues/Abbe Road Soccer Complex/Broad Brook Pond Park/East Windsor (Reservoir) Park/Pierce Memorial Park (Windsorville)/Prospect Hill Park (Warehouse Point):

No discussion this evening.
Town of East Windsor
Parks & Recreation Commission                           7
Regular Meeting – December 8, 2008


Director Green stated she received a Holiday card from Scout Hall which included their program list.




The bills were reviewed and signed by Commissioners Hayes and Raber.


        MOTION:   To ADJOURN this meeting at 8:27 p.m.

                          Szymanski moved/Raber seconded/VOTE:  In Favor:

Respectfully submitted, __________________________________
                           Mary Lou Morell
   Recording Secretary