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April 14, 2008 Revised Minutes

April 14, 2008


The regular meeting was called to order by Chairman Hayes at 7:01 p.m. in the Meeting Room at Town Hall, 11 Rye Street, Broad Brook, CT.
PRESENT:    Chairman Hayes, Commissioners Szymanski and Waltiere; Commissioner
Simpkins (arrived at 7:16 p.m.); Park Director Green, Groundsman Tetro and Mary Lou Morell from the Park Office.

ABSENT:      Commissioner Foster.                 
GUESTS:       Mrs. Kathy Pippin and Selectman Simmons.


        A quorum was established as four commission members were present.




Minutes of the Regular Meetings of February 11, 2008 and March 10, 2008 could not be approved as all members who could cast a vote were not present at this time.


To New Business:   Purchase of radios to connect Department and Department personnel into the town wide radio frequency system.


a.              BMX Skateboard Park

Chairman Hayes reported she attended the March meeting of this group.
T-shirts with a logo have been ordered for Skate Park Committee members to wear in the Community Day Parade.

The Committee is working on design specifications and drafting of letters to
be sent to Senators once the Committee receives approval to start fundraising.

Town of East Windsor
Parks & Recreation Commission                           2
Regular Meeting – April 14, 2008

OLD BUSINESS/b:  Dog Park (continued):

b.            Dog Park

Director Green reported that the final proposal for the Park is to be submitted to the Parks and Recreation Commission on May 19  12, 2008.  If approved, the next step is to present the plan to the Inland/Wetlands Commission who meets on June 4, 2008.  Once the plan has been reviewed and approved by Inland/Wetlands Commission, approval to begin fundraising will be sought from the Board of Selectmen.

Director Green stated there is a change to the initial plan for placement of both the Dog Park and BMX Skateboard Park on the piece of land on Reservoir Road.  The Dog Park will now be on the right as you enter the property as there is a natural burm and natural scape favorable to the Dog Park.  The BMX Skateboard Park will now be on the left which is a flatter piece of land that will
Require less site work for the installation of the equipment.   The parking area is also changed.


                Director Green stated she attended a CRPA Seminar dedicated to Dog Parks.
                There are 17 other towns looking to put in a Park.

        c.      East Windsor Park – Well Upgrade Status

Director Green reported that the project is completed and pictures were taken to be submitted to the State.  There was one issue of water pressure but it was found to be an issue at the CL&P light pole that feeds electricity to the well pump.  The issue was corrected as of today.


a.      East Windsor Garden Club

Mrs. Nancy Masters addressed the Commission at the request of the Lions Club who want to place a memorial garden at East Windsor Park at the location of the flag pole and bench.  The plans were designed by the Garden Barn for a kidney shaped garden with flowers and shrubs.  It is the hope that
shrubs and plantings would be donated as a memorial and contributing names would be added to the plaque on the wall at Town Hall.  

The full scale plan calls for many flowers and shrubs which will require maintenance through the summer which will burden the Garden Club.  

Town of East Windsor
Parks & Recreation Commission                           3
Regular Meeting – April 14, 2008

NEW BUSINESS/a)  East Windsor Garden Club (continued):

The Garden Club maintains 7 gardens around town and has limited resources in both monitorial  monetary  and physical contributions.  Mrs. Masters was concerned as to impact of this project on the mowing at East Windsor Park.

The project was discussed at length as to its present configuration and that of a scaled down version to approximately 5 trees and shrubs planted at this time with the remaining designed area to remain unplanted for future expansion.

Mrs. Masters will be seeking donations of approximately $1,200 in goods and services from area businesses to cover the cost of materials and labor to cut out the design area as planned.  The process would require the removal of the existing sod, roto-tilling the soil, adding soil amendments and finishing with mulch.  Groundsman Tetro requested landscape fabric and landscape edging be added to the project.

MOTION: APPROVAL  for the Garden Club to move ahead with the
        scaled down planting bed with full cut out of the area to be built
        in the fall of 2008.  No funds are required from the Parks and
        Recreation Department at this time.

        Waltiere moved/Szymanski seconded/VOTE:     In Favor:

b.      Vandalism Update

Director Green reported that was damage to the basketball court at East Windsor Park and the basketball court at Prospect Hill Park from snowmobile use in the parks.  payment has been received in the amount of $4,000 for the cost of repairs to the court at East Windsor Park and $5,600 was received from the violator’s insurance company for the repairs of the court at Prospect Hill Park.  

Each court will need to be power washed and after sufficient drying time will then be painted.  The courts will be closed until the entire repairs are completed and it was suggested that a notice be placed on the newspapers alerting the public to court closures.

Town of East Windsor
Parks & Recreation Commission                           4
Regular Meeting – April 14, 2008

NEW BUSINESS:  (continued):

c.      Ordinance Repeal of Recreation Vehicles in Town Parks   

Director Green presented a modification of the 1977 Ordinance to delete all references to Parks.   Parks should have their own ordinance and is proposing
an ordinance for Town Park Facilities only to go before the Board of Selectmen.

Discussion on this topic is tabled to next meeting so that all Commissioners have time to read the material to then have a meaningful discussion.

d.      Financial Accounts Review

The current Budget by Department for March 31, 2008 was distributed and reviewed

e.      Park Director’s Report

Director Green reported that the Limerick Contest was well received this year with classes submitting entries as class projects.  There were two winners from the 4th Grade class at Broad Brook Elementary School, two winners from the 6th Grade class at East Windsor Middle School and one adult winner.   The grade classes received ice cream socials and a presentation will be made at the Board of Education meeting on Thursday.  The class winners will read their entries, receive their awards and booklets of all class limericks will be presented to the Board of Education and each school. The limericks will also be posted on the web site.

Director Green stated that on Friday, April 18, 2008 she will be attending a 25th Anniversary of Sam’s Club where she will speak on behalf of the Town for the many contributions over the years to various groups and organizations.  She understands someone from the Playground Committee, the Fire Departments and Little League Baseball will also be in attendance.

Director Green informed the Commission that she has received an email from the Town Treasurer that a travel expense line items should be added to the 2008-2009 Budget as the request for the purchase of a department vehicle was denied in the CIP Budget.  This line item is to cover the travel expenses for mileage, and wear and tear on personal vehicles.

Town of East Windsor
Parks & Recreation Commission                           5
Regular Meeting – April 14, 2008

NEW BUSINESS/e  Park Director’s Report  (continued):

MOTION: To AUTHORIZE the inclusion of a new line item in the 2008-2009
        Department Budget in the amount of $1,800 for travel expenses.

Simpkins moved/Szymanski seconded/VOTE:     In Favor:

Director Green reported that the Board of Selectmen minutes stated there would be no funding for a department full-time maintainer for 2008-2009.
She is pursuing with the First Selectman the reasoning for this denial.

A Camp Director has been hired.  She has previous experience running a summer camp in her home town.  Director Green stated that her personality fits the position.

Director Green will now develop a Counselor-in-Training (CIT) program for
ages 13-15.  The program can accommodate a maximum of 5 – 6 participants each week that will pay a fee to enroll.  Curriculum of the program would include such training as how to run a program, teach a game, learn leadership skills and interact with the campers for hands-on experience.

Director Green is putting together summer staff.  Presently she has 2-3 strong lifeguards and an aquatic aid to job shadow for a year.  One lifeguard is not returning due to pay scale.  

It was suggested that part-time pay scales be reviewed at the next Commission Meeting.

        ADDED AGENDA ITEM:   Purchase of Radios

                Director Green reported that the Department can be included in the town-wide
                radio frequency but would need to purchase the radios for the Department at
                $412 each.  The Department would have its own frequency and can also
                access the emergency frequency.  Five radios would be allocated as follows:
                Park Director, Groundsman, Office, East Windsor Park, and a spare.

        MOTION:    To PURCHASE 5 radios to connect to the town- wide frequency.

                        Simpkins motioned/Szymanski seconded/VOTE:    In Favor:

Town of East Windsor
Parks & Recreation Commission                           6
Regular Meeting – April 14, 2008

NEW BUSINESS/e  Park Director’s Report   (continued):

Leagues/Abbe Road Soccer Complex/Broad Brook Pond Park/East Windsor (Reservoir) Park/Pierce Memorial Park (Windsorville)/ Prospect Hill Park (Warehouse Point)/Warehouse Point (Osborn Field) Park:

No discussion this evening.

f.      Groundsman’s Report

Groundsman Tetro reported that three baseball fields are completed as well as the High School fields.  He is presently working on the Middle School fields.
Two soccer fields have been completed as well.

There was a plumbing leak in the irrigation at Osborn Field at Warehouse Point Park.  The contractor is coming out to correct this issue.

Groundsman Tetro reported that the upper pipe at the reservoir at East Windsor Park had rotted and was repaired, with the assistance of the Highway Department, by installing a new pipe.  Also the outlet pipe from the reservoir is clogged and Groundsman Tetro is asking WPCA to assist by using their sewer power hose to break up the clog.

Groundsman Tetro stated he has on file, for future reference, in the Parks and Recreation Office an “as built” plan for the installation of the new well head and piping at East Windsor Park.

Leagues/Abbe Road Soccer Complex/Broad Brook Pond Park/Pierce Memorial Park (Windsorville)/Prospect Hill Park (Warehouse Point):

No discussion this evening.





Town of East Windsor
Parks & Recreation Commission                           7
Regular Meeting – April 14, 2008


The bills were reviewed and signed by Commissioners Waltiere and Simpkins.


        MOTION:   To ADJOURN this meeting at 8:35 p.m.

                          Simpkins moved/Waltiere seconded/VOTE:  In Favor:

Respectfully submitted, __________________________________
                                      Mary Lou Morell
                                      Recording Secretary