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February 11, 2008 Meeting Minutes

February 11, 2008

Draft Document - Subject to Commission Approval

The regular meeting was called to order by Chairman Hayes at 7:02 p.m. in the Meeting Room at Town Hall, 11 Rye Street, Broad Brook, CT.
PRESENT:    Chairman Hayes, Commissioners Foster and Szymanski, Park
Director Green, Groundsman Tetro and Mary Lou Morell from the Park Office.

ABSENT:      Commissioners Simpkins and Waltiere.                 
GUESTS:       Mrs. Kathy Pippin, Ms. Margaret Hoffman, Rick Marlin, Joseph Mascaro, Randy Myette, Mrs. Kathy Bilodeau, Ms. Christine Schwartz, Ms. Robin Yeske, Mr. Dave Mosher and many individuals interested in an East Windsor Dog Park.


        A quorum was established as three commission members were present.




        MOTION:    To AMEND the Minutes of the Regular Meeting of
 January 14, 2008 to exclude anything that would be voted
by e-mail motion and to carry Youth Basketball as an agenda           item to next month’s meeting.

Foster moved/Szymanski seconded/VOTE:   In Favor:  Unanimous.


MOTION:      To ADD Under New Business Broad Brook Angling Club,
                Kid’s Fishing Derby.

                        Hayes moved/Foster seconded/VOTE:   In Favor:

Town of East Windsor
Parks & Recreation Commission                           2
Regular Meeting – February 11, 2008


a.              BMX Skateboard Park

Chairman Hayes reported that a meeting was held on January 28, 2008 and Lori Gabriel and Brenda Crockett were appointed Co-Chairmen of the Committee.  

The Committee has working on issues such as a logo, charges of responsibility, potential equipment vendors and site configuration.

The next meeting of the Committee will be February 21, 2008 at Park Hill Senior Center at 6:30 p.m.

b.        Dog Park

Chairman Hayes stated that the Dog Park could go forward with the appropriate signage as that would address the Commission’s concerns regarding liability at the Dog Park.

Ms. Christine Schwartz of Norton Road, Broad Brook addressed the Commission asking for permission to raise money for the acre Dog Park which would then be given to the Town and the Parks and Recreation Department.

Ms. Schwartz reported they already have quotes, costs, an e-mail base, volunteers, ideas for fundraising and working on a website.  They have no formal committee as yet but would suggest the land parcel on Reservoir Road across from East Windsor Park to be a suitable location.

Mrs. Kathy Bilodeau of Scantic Road, East Windsor spoke in favor of a town Dog Park.  It would allow dogs to go off leash, allow for socialization for the pet and owner and clean up would be owners’ responsibility.

Ms. Robin Yeske of Reservoir Road, Broad Brook stated that Enfield is considering a dog park.  It would be nice to have our own dog park in town.  She felt a dog park would also increase the licensing of dogs in town as the dog warden would be participating in the park as well.  Ms. Yeske stated she would like to stay involved with the Dog Park once it is turned over to the Parks and Recreation Department.

Mr. Dave Mosher of Main Street, Broad Brook felt the Dog Park may bring business to the Main Street area of Broad Brook through the patronization of the convenience stores and restaurants.

Town of East Windsor
Parks & Recreation Commission                           3
Regular Meeting – February 11, 2008

OLD BUSINESS/b:  Dog Park (continued):

A resident of Old Ellington Road, Broad Brook addressed the Commission regarding the 9 acres of land that runs along the Scantic River off of Old Ellington Road.  

Commissioner Foster explained that Parks and Recreation has no jurisdiction over this piece of property and any information regarding it would come from the First Selectman’s Office.

Chairman Hayes explained that Parks and Recreation involvement in the Dog Park would be to help manage the process but the Dog Park Committee would be the group fundraising for the project.  

 The Parks and Recreation Commission is in support of this project.  A line item in the Parks and Recreation Program Account will be created to deposit the fundraising funds to.   

The next step is to set up a meeting to move forward.   A Committee needs to be formed consisting of Park Director Green, other Commission member(s) and 2 to 3 people from the Dog Park interest group.

Ms. Yeske stated that it would be their intent to start the process with fundraising, get the site set up and turn it over to the Parks and Recreation Department.   It is not their intent to fund raise every year.   They would also like to have sponsor signs at the Dog Park to acknowledge sponsors.   The Parks and Recreation Commission stated that any signage would have to be approved by the Town Zoning Department.

Director Green will be coordinating the next meeting.

MOTION: To go forward in conjunction with the Dog Park Owner’s Group to initiate fund raising and land selection for a dog park.

        Foster moved/Szymanski seconded/VOTE:     In Favor:

MOTION: To go out of order of the Agenda to address the Industrial
        League agenda item.

        Szymanski moved/Foster seconded/VOTE:     In Favor:

Town of East Windsor
Parks & Recreation Commission                           4
Regular Meeting – February 11, 2008

NEW BUSINESS/d)  Industrial League Soccer Field Request:

Mr. Joseph Mascaro of Joseph Farm Road, Broad Brook addressed the Commission regarding field use for soccer for both the town youth and the adult industrial league.  

Director Green stated the use of fields for the town youth has and is being discussed with the soccer association president and Mr. Mascaro should address the Commission on the Industrial League request only.

Mr. Mascaro requested of the Commission the use of a large field for his league’s use during April to August for approximately 7 games as the Abbe Road Soccer Complex is closed for 2008 for renovation.   He stated his league has used Abbe Road for three years and one third of his team is represented by East Windsor residents.  He then asked what the appeal process for the closing of Abbe Road is? The Commission responded:   None.

Mr. Randy Myette of Rye Street, Broad Brook then asked if there was an opportunity to use the High School field for play.

 The Commission responded that they do not have jurisdiction over the Board of Education fields and they would have to go directly to them to get approval of use.   Once approval has been granted, Parks and Recreation will then have the fields lined for play.

Returned to Agenda order:


a.      Financial Accounts Review

The current Budget by Department was distributed and reviewed.

b.      2008-2009 Budget

Director Green reported the Budget was completed and handed in.   She
reviewed the Budget with the Commission noting the inclusion of a full-time grounds keeper and charts that show the monetary progress of the Department from 04-05 to the present.  

Director Green discussed the reports and documentation included with the budget package to show justification for increases.

Town of East Windsor
Parks & Recreation Commission                           5
Regular Meeting – February 11, 2008

NEW BUSINESS/b)  2008-2009 Budget (continued):

Director Green stated the CIP meeting is next week and Annual Budget consideration by the Board of Finance will be at the end of March.

c.      FOI Workshop

Chairman Hayes reported on her participation at the Workshop which
was very informative.

e.   Park Director’s Report

Director Green reported that she has begun the summer staff recruiting process.   She is looking for a camp director, quality camp counselors and lifeguards.  

The Spring Brochure will be out next month and will include the following programs:

                Men’s Open Gym          March           Tuesday evenings
                Softball Clinic                 March 29th      9:00 a.m. to Noon
                Try a Sport Day         April 5th       1:00 – 4:00 p.m.
                                                  East Windsor Middle School
                                                (rain date:  April 12th)
After School Karate     March 3 – 19     East Windsor            
                           Middle School
Teens Martial Arts
Women’s Self Defense
Limerick Contest        Theme:   East Windsor 240th    
CPR:   Infants/Adults
Mad Science Program

Commissioner Foster inquired as to offering a Safe Boating Class.   Director Green will look into this.

Director Green stated she will be on vacation for the April school break, April 20th to the 27th.

Leagues/Abbe Road Soccer Complex/Broad Brook Pond Park/East Windsor (Reservoir) Park/Pierce Memorial Park (Windsorville)/Prospect Hill Park (Warehouse Point)/Warehouse Point (Osborn Field) Park:

No discussion this evening.
Town of East Windsor
Parks & Recreation Commission                           6
Regular Meeting – February 11, 2008

NEW BUSINESS (continued):

f.      Groundman’s Report:

Herb Holden has installed the pipe in the upper pond but the bill not be paid until the entire project is completed which includes loan and seeding in the spring.

Guarantee, Harp Mechanical and Stauffer Sheet Metal were approached to submit bids for ventilation of the cooking area at the East Windsor Park Snack Bar.   Quotes were received from Guarantee and Harp Mechanical with each having a different design plan.

Groundsman Tetro feels that Harp Mechanical’s proposal would most meet the need.

        MOTION:    To ACCEPT quote from Harp Mechanical for $2,497 to
                           install ventilation at East Windsor Park Snack Bar.

                        Foster motioned/Szymanski seconded/VOTE:    In Favor:

Groundsman Tetro stated that having the ice rink was a nice thing but it has only been usable for approximately two weeks this year so far.

Groundsman Tetro reported he is working on equipment maintenance and during the spring will be doing more leaf clean up as it was not completed last fall due to late dropping of the leaves and snow fall the beginning of December.

Groundsman Tetro stated he will not be in attendance at the next meeting.

Leagues/Abbe Road Soccer Complex/Broad Brook Pond Park/ Windsor /Pierce Memorial Park (Windsorville)/Prospect Hill Park (Warehouse Point)/Warehouse Point (Osborn Field) Park:

No discussion this evening.

g.      Broad Brook Angling Club

Mr. Keith Tetro on behalf of the Broad Brook Angling Club asked the Commission to consider waiving the annual $1.00 fee for use of land on East Road as the Club has contributed substantially over the years to the youth of East Windsor through the annual fishing derby.  The Commission discussed the request.
Town of East Windsor
Parks & Recreation Commission                           7
Regular Meeting – February 11, 2008

NEW BUSINESS/g:  Broad Brook Angling Club  (continued):

        MOTION:    To WAIVE $1.00 annual fee and any other fees for use
                           of property on East Road contingent upon Broad Brook
                        Angling Club sponsoring annual Kid’s Fishing Derby.

                        Szymanski moved/Foster seconded/VOTE:     In Favor:

              Mr. Tetro then asked the Commission if they would contributed to the Kid’s
Fishing Derby for the purchase of prizes.  The Derby will be held on Saturday, May 3, 2008.  Registration is from 7:00 – 8:00 a.m. with fishing starting at 8:00 a.m.

        MOTION: To SPONSOR Kid’s Fishing Derby prizes to the amount of

                        Foster moved/Szymanski seconded/VOTE:    In Favor:

Director Green informed the Commission that Lorry Devanney will be retiring from the Building Department this month after 27 years of service.   




The bills were reviewed and signed by Commissioners Foster and Szymanski.


        MOTION:   To ADJOURN this meeting at 8:50 p.m.

                          Foster moved/Szymanski seconded/VOTE:  In Favor:

Respectfully submitted, __________________________________
                                      Mary Lou Morell
                                      Recording Secretary