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June 20, 2005 Minutes

Regular Meeting
June 20, 2005

DRAFT DOCUMENT - Subject to Commission Approval

The Meeting was called to order at 7:20 P. M. by Chairwoman Foster in the Park & Recreation Office, East Windsor Town Hall, 11 Rye Street, Broad Brook, CT.

PRESENT:  Chairwoman Foster, Commissioners Hayes, and Szymanski (arrived at 8:20 P. M.; Park Director Green; Groundsman Tetro;  Park & Recreation Secretary Morell.

ABSENT: Commissioners Briggs and Simpkins.



A quorum of three members was established at 8:20 P. M. when Commissioner Szymanski arrived, review of previous discussion began at that time.



NEW BUSINESS/a) Park Director’s Report:


        *       Park Director Green suggested she will probably be combining proposed days for Summer Fun at the Park due to lower than anticipated enrollment.

        *       Basketball and Dance Programs may be canceled due to low enrollment for the Summer sessions.

        *       The trip to the Yankee Game has been so popular that people are a waiting list for a second bus.  Park Director Green suggested she may combine this offering with a similar trip being offered by the Vernon Park & Recreation Department to save on costs.

        *       The Tennis Camp, Little Planter’s Club, and Softball Leagues are all going well.

        East Windsor (Reservoir) Park:

        *       Park Director Green reported she has received a complaint from a resident about other residents coming in through the back entrance     (without paying the gate fee); the resident complained about the actions        of those people and requested the price of the season’s pass they purchased be returned to them.  The complainant reported that the     daughter of the people who entered through the back entrance bit her sons while in the water; the lifeguards removed the girl from the water for a length of time.   Park Director Green suggested that if similar  situations occur the offending party should be removed from the park for at least a day, and - at the request of Chief DeMarco and Sargent Duffy - the police should be called, even if the parents resist.   

Park Director Green suggested the lifeguards want to be able to stamp people’s hands, and then go around at their breaks and ask those residents without stamps to leave the park.  

        *       Park Director Green reported that today she visited the park and found kids swimming in the reservoir despite the posting of the “No Swimming” sign.  The kids she found in the reservoir hid behind the dock; others she approached didn’t speak English and couldn’t understand the park was closed.   Park Director Green reported the       incident to the police.   On the way to this meeting she visited the park again, and found other kids in the park; the police appeared at the same time and had a confrontation with a 17-year-old boy.  The Commissioners requested that Park Director Green continue to call the police, and to request patrols, although budget constraints may prevent continuance of the patrols.  

        *       Park Director Green reported she appeared at the park to let a soda dealer in to deliver stock; she found a woman driving into the park with her grandchildren.     When questioned, the woman admitted she had brought the grandchildren to the park 3 days last week to swim.  She requested to know when Park Director Green was leaving so she could return to the park.   The Commissioners advised Park Director Green to call police regarding such incidents.

        *       Park Director Green reported the person hired to close the gate each evening went to the park at 11:30 P. M. and unknowingly locked in members of the softball league; those players called the police.   The Commissioners requested Park Director Green to write a letter to the person scheduling the leagues to remind players they must be out of the park by 10:15 P. M.  

        *       Park Director Green noted the old tobacco shed framing has been demolished by Kement Construction; the Commission awaits issuance of a Burn Permit from the Fire Marshal to enable the Broad Brook Fire Department to conduct a drill to burn this debris.  She has now received a complaint from a nearby resident citing concern that the debris could be set afire by kids or vandals.  The same resident also called First  Selectwoman Roberts, citing health concerns.  Selectman Crouch  questioned if the resident could be moved to a hotel during the burning.  The Commission estimated several tons of debris remain; the cost of removal of same is approximately $86/ton.   After anticipated budget       cuts the Commission will not have funds to remove the debris.  

        *       Park Director Green has been advised the phone wires coming into the park are too low for emergency vehicles to enter; she will call for repair of the wires.

        *       Park Director Green is purchasing pup-up tents for the park.

LET THE RECORD SHOW Commissioner Szymanski arrived at the meeting at 8:20 P. M.  The meeting was called to order at 8:20 P. M.

The items discussed under the Park Director’s Report were reviewed with Commissioner Szymanski; he concurred with his fellow Commissioner’s recommendations regarding actions pertinent to the issues discussed.   Additionally, the Commission suggested installing fences across the walk through area off Highland Avenue to obstruct residents from entering through the rear entrance to the park.

NEW BUSINESS/a) Park Director’s Report (continued):


        *       Park Director Green reported Little League is still running for the season, but have not planned to have a Girl’s All Star League this season.   Park Director Green reported she has received a complaint from a resident who feels the Little League is discriminating against girls by not having the Girls All Star League.  Commissioner Szymanski reported he is aware of this complaint; he had suggested that the resident request a hearing before the Little League Board of Directors and the District Administrator.  He understands that Little League will have a Summer program for girls.   

        Summer Concert Series:  

        *       Park Director Green reviewed fees being charged by various bands with the Commission; due to budget constraints it was felt the Commission      must consider only bands in the $300 - $500 range, which severely limited the selection.  Park Director Green reported she anticipates hiring a swing band for the seniors and to hold the concert at the Trolley  Museum on a Sunday from 2:00 to 4:00 P. M.  The cost of the concert would be free; reduced rates would be available to ride the trolleys.  

        East Windsor (Reservoir) Park (continued):

        *       Park Director Green suggested the Commission consider increasing the cost of food at the Snack Bar, and cost of the general admission fee and the season’s pass.

        *       Park Director Green reported the water at East Windsor Park was recently tested due to the report of a child who became ill after visiting the park.  Both the drinking and the waterfront tested good.


        *       Discussion occurred regarding purchasing web-based recreation software, which would enable residents to register for events/programs on-line via use of credit cards.  The department is not presently able to offer use of credit cards to pay for functions/programs/registration fees.  

        Abbe Road Soccer Complex/Broad Brook Pond Park/Osborn Park (Warehouse Point)/Pierce Park (Windsorville)/Prospect Hill Park (Warehouse Point):

        No discussion this evening.

        MOTION: To APPROVE the purchase of fencing, bleachers, slide, spring rider, grills, roll-up door for Garcia Building, tents, and food as discussed.

        Szymanski moved/Hayes seconded/VOTE:  In Favor:  Unanimous


        MOTION: To ACCEPT the Minutes of Regular Meeting dated April  18, 2005 as written.

        Szymanski moved/Hayes seconded/VOTE:  In Favor:   Unanimous

NEW BUSINESS/b) Groundsman’s Report

        *       Groundsman Tetro reported he has been experiencing many equipment malfunctions lately.

        East Windsor (Reservoir) Park:

        *       Groundsman Tetro reported he is replacing some of the parking rails at the park.

        *       They are considering purchasing a 6’ enclosed plastic tube slide for the reservoir.

        *       A set of bleachers is being purchased, and grills are being replaced.

        *       Groundsman Tetro is purchasing a replacement roll-up door for the Garcia Building.

        Prospect Hill Park (Warehouse Point):

        *       Groundsman Tetro is purchasing a spring rider to replace the one that was recently damaged.

        Leagues/Programs/Abbe Road Soccer Complex/Broad Brook Pond Park/
         Osborn Park (Warehouse Point)/Pierce Park (Windsorville):

        *       No discussion this evening.

NEW BUSINESS/c) Budget cuts:

        The Commission has received notice of the following cuts due to budget failures in recent referendums:  Portapotties at various park facilities - $4,000; Sports League donation - $1,000; Fall Festival - Town donation - $1,000; Recording    Secretary.





MOTION: To ADJOURN this meeting at 9:30 P. M.

Hayes moved/Szymanski seconded/VOTE:  In Favor:  Unanimous

Respectfully submitted,

Peg Hoffman, Recording Secretary