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May 16, 2005 Minutes

Regular Meeting
May 16, 2005

DRAFT DOCUMENT - Subject to Commission Approval

The Meeting was called to order at 7:11 P. M. by Acting Chairman Szymanski in the Park & Recreation Office, East Windsor Town Hall, 11 Rye Street, Broad Brook, CT.

PRESENT: Commissioners Briggs, Hayes, Simpkins, and Szymanski; Park Director Green; Groundsman Tetro;  Park & Recreation Secretary Morell.

ABSENT: Chairwoman Foster.

GUESTS: Kenneth Crouch, Selectman; Deanna Dufresne, Dance Program Director.


        A quorum was established as four members were present.



*       Kids Fishing Derby

        Groundsman Tetro reported that three weeks ago the Kids Fishing Derby,  sponsored by the Broad Brook Angling Club, was held; approximately 70 kids      attended.  Five hundred dollars was donated for prizes; every kid got a prize, had breakfast, and was given candy which was donated by the Mars Company.        

*       Dance Program:

        Ms. Dufresne advised the Commission the recital for the Dance Program   participants will be held this Friday at 6:45 P. M. at the High School.         Approximately 80 kids participate in the program; she hopes to more with the program this Summer.  

*       Removal of barn at East Windsor Park:

        Selectman Crouch noted that at the previous meeting he had appeared to discuss  a proposal for getting rid of the old wooden barn at East Windsor Park.  He has         received a quote for $1,200 from Kement to take down the remainder of the       barn and pile it up; the Broad Brook Fire Department will burn it down; Fire Marshal Simpkins will give them the burning permit.  Groundsman Tetro questioned what will happen with the remainder that doesn’t burn?   Selectmen Crouch felt the Town Public Works crew will remove it.  Groundsman Tetro reported he has started cleaning the barn out; it should be ready for demolition by the middle of the week.

        Acting Chairman Szymanski questioned if any other bids were acquired?  Selectman Crouch indicated that anyone with equipment big enough to do the       demolition didn’t want to do it as it wasn’t a big enough job.  Groundsman Tetro noted they can’t bring in the equipment through the gate on Reservoir Avenue as the middle post can’t be removed; they’ll have to come in through Highland Avenue.

        Acting Chairman Szymanski noted that at the previous meeting the Commission agreed to pay for the cost of demolition.


        Briggs moved/Simpkins seconded/VOTE:  In Favor:  Unanimous

*       Athletic Club Golf Tournament:

        Acting Chairman Szymanski reported the Athletic Club held their annual Golf Tournament last weekend at Traditions Golf Course.  Approximately 130       golfers attended, and raised $4,000.  

APPROVAL OF MINUTES:    Postponed until next meeting.  

NEW BUSINESS/a)  Financial Accounts Review:

Acting Chairman Szymanski noted that Commissioner Hayes was to get a financial review of the various accounts for the Commission.   Park Director Green will send to all Commissioners by e-mail.

NEW BUSINESS/b) Park Director’s Report:


        *       Park Director Green provided a folder of proposed programs for each             Commissioner; the programs run from the Dance Program to a Yankees game in July.  Included in the folder were flyers being sent out through the schools.

        *       Park Director Green reported she will be sending sponsor packets to             town organizations.   She has already met with the Chamber of                   Commerce and received the first sponsor for the Little Planters Club.           Supplies are being purchased from Harken’s Market; kids will prepare take-home projects.  The kids will get tee shirts.

        *       Park Director Green suggested she would like to create a walking trail;                 she noted there are several in Vernon which are widely used by the public.  She understood the people who wanted a place to run their dogs are using the land across from East Windsor Park, but she felt she could     keep a walking trail separate so it could still be used by people who are afraid of dogs.   Selectman Crouch felt the group who attended the Commission’s earlier meeting are still using the Field Trials; Groundsman Tetro felt the problem with the land across from the park is     that many people drop junk off and it needs to be cleaned up.  Selectman Crouch felt the area could be cleaned up and then there would be room for both groups to use the area.  Park Director Green noted she has friends from Vernon who would assist setting up the trail.  Selectman Crouch questioned the cost, as he would hate to see a lot of money spent and then the land used for a new school.  Park Director Green suggested grants are available for such projects.  Selectman Crouch suggested if the Commission decides to pursue the walking trails they should come before the Board of Selectmen with a proposal and ask for help from the Town crew to clean up the area.  


        *       Softball leagues are up and running, with no apparent problems.


        *       Mad Scientist Program will  include 42 participants in two sessions.            Discussion followed regarding inappropriate behavior of a parent                        volunteer, and resolution of same.

        *       Sports World has approached the Commission about soccer programs                they will be running; cost of the programs are high.  Park Director Green indicated they want to get club recognition to use the fields at Abbe Road.  Acting Chairman Szymanski asked if Sports World would be running winter hours?   Park Director Green doubted it.   She had heard the Town league is having problems getting parent volunteers, and felt the best thing for the Town league would be to come under the Park & Recreation Department.   Groundsman Tetro noted there are problems with the cost of insurance.  Acting Chairman Szymanski questioned if it could be a cooperative effort with the soccer association and the Park & Recreation Commission.   Commissioner Briggs will call the current parent volunteer for an update.  

        Summer Concerts:

        *       Park Director Green asked for the Commission’s input with regard to the                 types of concerts that went over well.  Groundsman Tetro suggested              everyone liked the country band.  The teen concert didn’t go over well as the bands didn’t show up but the Commission still wants to run something for teens.  The senior concerts are well attended; Secretary Morell suggested a swing band.  

Park Director Green noted that someone asked for concerts to be run at Volunteer Park.   Selectman Crouch noted they have not yet been able to put in power at Volunteer.

        East Windsor (Reservoir) Park:

        *       Park Director Green noted she is looking into running outdoor movies;           she suggested they can be shown on any white surface if purchase of a           projection screen in not possible this year.

        *       Park Director Green noted they are contacting staff from the previous           year to encourage them to return this Summer.  It was noted that the Town would pay for the cost of the WSI course for staff who complete the program; one half the cost would be paid up front and the remainder paid after staff completes the year in East Windsor’s employ.  It was further noted that the Town will pay for the cost of one bathing suit for the lifeguards.

MOTION: That the Town should purchase one bathing suit for      each lifeguard to start off the season.

Briggs moved/Simpkins seconded/VOTE:  In Favor:   Unanimous

        *       Discussion initiated with regard to opening the park.  Commissioner Szymanski noted the temperatures are predicted to be low this Memorial Day Weekend.  Secretary Morell noted the park hasn’t offered swimming on Memorial Day Weekend in the last two years.  Discussion followed regarding staffing needs for the waterfront.  Park Director Green noted she will be meeting with Terry to discuss lifeguard staffing shortly; she doesn’t see a problem with opening July 4th with         swimming.   Secretary Morell noted the pavilion rentals have been going well, and are booked every weekend through the end of June.  The Commission decided to open the park for swimming for July 4th; the gatehouse will be open from 9 o’clock; the snack bar will not be open until the park opens full time.  Groundsman Tetro will not drain down the reservoir for Memorial Day Weekend but will have the reservoir available for July 4th.  

        *       Park Director Green reported she would like to run a two day Summer Camp at the Reservoir as a trial run.   The camp would run from 9 until 3; she could use the Broad Brook School or the Middle School for bad        weather.  She would like to hire a couple of people to run arts and crafts, possibly field trips or trips to the movies.  Discussion followed regarding running longer camp sessions; Park Director Green noted she has received calls from people with regard to camps.  Commissioner Briggs noted that a summer camp is run at Scout Hall.   Commissioner Szymanski recalled the Commission had considered running camps a couple of years ago and had discussed a program with a private company.   At that time the cost of the program was high, the number of         participants required was also high and exceeded the number who registered, and additional fees were charged if children had to be dropped off early or had to stay late.  The Commission agreed that Park Director Green should try a summer camp program on a trial basis.  
Abbe Road Soccer Complex/Broad Brook Pond Park/Osborn Park (Warehouse Point)/Pierce Park (Windsorville)/Prospect Hill Park (Warehouse Point):

        No discussion this evening.

NEW BUSINESS/b) Groundsman’s Report:


        *       Groundsman Tetro reported he has been having problems with the mowers breaking down; the cost of repair was $800 plus a $200 towing charge.   He hopes to purchase a new one in the fiscal year 2006 - 2007.  Selectman Crouch suggested he review capital expenditures with First Selectwoman Roberts


        *       All leagues are running and seem to be doing well.  Commissioner                Szymanski reported the fields look good; Groundsman Tetro reported he has some of his old staff back.

        *       Commissioner Szymanski reported he has not heard of any complaints              from Little League; softball and baseball fields are great; the softball field at the high school is the best in the league.   He has been getting many compliments from those participating in the traveling league.

        East Windsor (Reservoir) Park:

        *       Groundsman Tetro reported he has fixed the damage at East Windsor               Park due to recent vandalism.   New toilets and fixtures were required; he was able to remove the graffiti from shingles on the buildings, thereby saving the Town the  $6,000 cost of replacing the shingles.

        Programs/Abbe Road Soccer Complex/Broad Brook Pond Park/Osborn Park (Warehouse Point)/Pierce Park (Windsorville)/Prospect Hill Park (Warehouse Point):

        No discussion this evening.





MOTION: To ADJOURN this meeting at 8:36 P. M.

Simpkins moved/Szymanski seconded/VOTE:  In Favor:  Unanimous

Respectfully submitted,

Peg Hoffman, Recording Secretary